What a weird ass morning....

Its been one of those days that are bound to only get worse. Ya know the ones, they start off bad, then something goes good, then it gets bad again, then good... and at the end of it you are so exhausted by the rollercoaster ride....? So im going to update this post today using plusses and minuses for all the yay or nay things happening... starting at 5/10 (coz in the middle is always a good place to start!)

So I woke up at 4am because it had been raining all night and i was concerned my flat would flood (as it does whenever theres an inch of rain or more) .... not too good when ive been sick and only had 5hrs sleep. 5-1=4/10

Realising my flat had indeed flooded slightly, and that its going to be raining all week so unlikely to be able to get blankets and towels id been using to soak up water dry. 4-1=3/10

Reading on the Rolling Stone Facebook page that Davy Jones from the Monkees had passed away. Uber sadness, he was my favorite :( 3-1=2/10

Getting a phone call about another more permenant job. 2+1=3/10

Gee and its only half past 10 in the morning! What more could the day possibly bring?
Oh yeah, pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. Apparantly summer is now over, i was still waiting for it to begin! Shame that, i only just last week brought these awesome little denim shorts...and ive already contemplated how they would look with ugg boots and a hoodie!

Peace, love and soggy towels,
Nicki ♥

~as the day progresses....~
Went shopping, found some grand bargains, spent money. 3+1=4/10

Ran out of money to spend. 4-1=3/10

Cuppa and convo and positive social interaction with another human being. 3+1=4/10

Remembering two shows I used to love are on tv tonight and i was going to watch them. 4+1=5/10

so technically and mathematically it turned out to be a pretty average day!!

Until later that evening, when:

Zapped my hand on the rabbit ears tuning in the tv. 5-1=4/10

Running out of milk while making tomato soup and having to have it extra strong. 4-1=3/10

Discovering a chirpy noisy high pitched squealy ass of a cricket insect thing somewhere in my flat as im trying to sleep. 3-1=2/10
So clearly ended the night not very happy at all! I think the last thoughts i had as i fell asleep were 'AAAARRRRGGGHHHH shuuuut the fuuuuck uuuuuupppp!!!'


now that ive got more internet credit...

22 February 2012
Well for once ive not got much to whinge about. Lifes been pretty damn good these last few weeks, thank fuck. New man, a bit of casual work, couple new pets and a sudden drive to organize my junk. Oh, and a new desk. I think that’s what started the whole organization thing: I have more space to have all my desky junk close by! Yay!

Something slightly random now: I have recently in the last few months stopped biting my nails and let them grow (this is something I am really excited about, because it is about the 3rd time in my life I have been able to do this, and also as a creative im having such fun painting them all the time- its like growing my own canvases). Im not sure whether it is because the stress of the last year is over (studying a diploma while living by myself in a small city on a pittance from the government) or I have replaced one bad habit with another. The new bad habit I have formed is going to sleep watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end’. I have never been one to fall asleep watching movies (at bed time anyway), instead ive always listened to music. Anyways, pirates. I try to fall asleep before the scene where Jack Sparrow comes into the movie, because before this the movie is rather dark and in this scene it is very bright and if im still awake by this point, im fucked. One, its Jack Sparrow for fucks sake- im gonna have to open my eyes and have a perve. Two, its at least another 20 minutes before the movie gets dark again, so if im lucky I can fall asleep before the Brethren Court. One particularly bad night I managed to stay awake the whole movie, only to fall asleep literally right before my favorite scene in the entire movie: when the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman sink the EITC's ship. Imagine the tanty I had in the morning when I realized this! So anyways, replacing a bad habit with another, stress free, or perhaps just too poor to buy my own canvas?

til next time :D

peace, love and nail files.... nicki ♥


You shit me to tears, part 2

Oh geez there are so many little things that PISS ME OFF! here are a couple off the top of my head right now.

- Thongs for toddlers. HELLO! their feet are still growing! great way to fuck up their feet while they are still developing!! FFS with the amount of straps on them you may as well buy sandles instead...

- Commodores with Chev badges on them. WTF?? who gives a toss who made the engine, its still a commodore! Now this might seem a little hypocritical coming from me (who has a Chrysler Sigma with a Mitsubishi hood ornament) but my reasoning is logical: SE hood ornaments arent the easiest thing to find and i dont want the hole rusting up without one... at least mitsubishi is a very very close relative for sigmas.. But still, if i drop my Astron motor into a Lazer im not going to replace the ford badge with a chrysler or mitsubishi one! not that i know if it would work but its an example (shut up and dont get too pedantic over minor details).

Til next rant...
Peace, love and car parts ♥


You shit me to tears, part 1

Do you want to know something that really pisses me off?

Battered Savs with no stick.

This trend has taken over fish and chip shops all over the place and it shits me to tears! I blame several things: the rise in weird ass tastebuds preffering those god-awful things called dagwood dogs (which, IMO, should be left at shows with fairy floss); the rise of the tree-hugging greenie; and lazy tight-asses.

After getting several of these stickless savs, one day when ordering:
Me: 'Can I get a battered sav with a stick?'
To this, the server lady replied: 'Do you mean a Dagwood Dog?'
Me: 'No, i mean a battered sav with a stick.'
Her: 'OK.'
And what did i get? A Dagwood fucking Dog!!! -_- These things are evil. The 'batter' is just wrong, its way too thick and flour-y. And the sausage bit, it tastes more processed than a Pitbull song. Blerk...

Ok so my Greenie theory isn't proven or anything, its just a thought. Perhaps some people are thinking that they will save the planet one battered sav at a time if they refrain from shoving a wooden paddle pop stick up its ass? Im sure they are made from wood from sustainable sources (or whatever the term is where they plant trees for the sole purpose of cutting them down and replanting them). Yet some still have styrofoam and plastic sandwich holders... Blaaah...

Lazy tight asses. How friggin hard is it to go down to spotlight, buy a thousand paddle pop sticks for like, what, $10?? How hard is it to shove it in the sav before battering it? It takes less than 10 seconds. Also, how the hell are you supposed to batter the savs without getting your hands all over the sav and covered in batter? Eww much?

Sigh... best stop ranting and raving already, im making myself hungry.

Long live the sav on a stick, and say NO to the dog!!
Peace, love and gravy, Nicki.

Hello, Welcome, Etc...

Hi there good peoples, welcome to my blog. Here I will be sharing my thoughts on any number of topics and I hope you enjoy your visit here.

Oh what the fuck ever! I’m going to use this space to get shit out of my head which I think some people may find amusing, funny, insulting or just plain stupid. I may even share some funny photos I find on the internet and maybe some of my own. Maybe not.

A bit about me (coz it’s all about me, right?). I'm in my late 20’s; I live in a small city/large town by myself with my pet yabbie (named Kismet); I love music, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, driving my 30 odd year old car down the highway, sunsets on the beach, taking photos of beautiful things; blah blah blah etcetera. I also swear a lot, have a sick and twisted sense of humor, am quite open minded, can be sarcastic on occasion, am an atheist, have a general dislike for most humans (and animals) and I have this insane thing where I get passionate about the most ridiculous things. So I guess that serves as a warning… if you don’t like it, the back button is generally located in the top left hand corner of most browsers.

So in short, hopefully this old-feeling , unemployed, weird minded, creative beach bum can give you a giggle or two, or give you food for thought, or something to get shitty about - I don’t care either way because this is helping me sleep at night by getting shit out of my head! HAHAHA!!
Peace, love and mungbeans