You shit me to tears, part 2

Oh geez there are so many little things that PISS ME OFF! here are a couple off the top of my head right now.

- Thongs for toddlers. HELLO! their feet are still growing! great way to fuck up their feet while they are still developing!! FFS with the amount of straps on them you may as well buy sandles instead...

- Commodores with Chev badges on them. WTF?? who gives a toss who made the engine, its still a commodore! Now this might seem a little hypocritical coming from me (who has a Chrysler Sigma with a Mitsubishi hood ornament) but my reasoning is logical: SE hood ornaments arent the easiest thing to find and i dont want the hole rusting up without one... at least mitsubishi is a very very close relative for sigmas.. But still, if i drop my Astron motor into a Lazer im not going to replace the ford badge with a chrysler or mitsubishi one! not that i know if it would work but its an example (shut up and dont get too pedantic over minor details).

Til next rant...
Peace, love and car parts ♥

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