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22 February 2012
Well for once ive not got much to whinge about. Lifes been pretty damn good these last few weeks, thank fuck. New man, a bit of casual work, couple new pets and a sudden drive to organize my junk. Oh, and a new desk. I think that’s what started the whole organization thing: I have more space to have all my desky junk close by! Yay!

Something slightly random now: I have recently in the last few months stopped biting my nails and let them grow (this is something I am really excited about, because it is about the 3rd time in my life I have been able to do this, and also as a creative im having such fun painting them all the time- its like growing my own canvases). Im not sure whether it is because the stress of the last year is over (studying a diploma while living by myself in a small city on a pittance from the government) or I have replaced one bad habit with another. The new bad habit I have formed is going to sleep watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end’. I have never been one to fall asleep watching movies (at bed time anyway), instead ive always listened to music. Anyways, pirates. I try to fall asleep before the scene where Jack Sparrow comes into the movie, because before this the movie is rather dark and in this scene it is very bright and if im still awake by this point, im fucked. One, its Jack Sparrow for fucks sake- im gonna have to open my eyes and have a perve. Two, its at least another 20 minutes before the movie gets dark again, so if im lucky I can fall asleep before the Brethren Court. One particularly bad night I managed to stay awake the whole movie, only to fall asleep literally right before my favorite scene in the entire movie: when the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman sink the EITC's ship. Imagine the tanty I had in the morning when I realized this! So anyways, replacing a bad habit with another, stress free, or perhaps just too poor to buy my own canvas?

til next time :D

peace, love and nail files.... nicki ♥

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