You shit me to tears, part 1

Do you want to know something that really pisses me off?

Battered Savs with no stick.

This trend has taken over fish and chip shops all over the place and it shits me to tears! I blame several things: the rise in weird ass tastebuds preffering those god-awful things called dagwood dogs (which, IMO, should be left at shows with fairy floss); the rise of the tree-hugging greenie; and lazy tight-asses.

After getting several of these stickless savs, one day when ordering:
Me: 'Can I get a battered sav with a stick?'
To this, the server lady replied: 'Do you mean a Dagwood Dog?'
Me: 'No, i mean a battered sav with a stick.'
Her: 'OK.'
And what did i get? A Dagwood fucking Dog!!! -_- These things are evil. The 'batter' is just wrong, its way too thick and flour-y. And the sausage bit, it tastes more processed than a Pitbull song. Blerk...

Ok so my Greenie theory isn't proven or anything, its just a thought. Perhaps some people are thinking that they will save the planet one battered sav at a time if they refrain from shoving a wooden paddle pop stick up its ass? Im sure they are made from wood from sustainable sources (or whatever the term is where they plant trees for the sole purpose of cutting them down and replanting them). Yet some still have styrofoam and plastic sandwich holders... Blaaah...

Lazy tight asses. How friggin hard is it to go down to spotlight, buy a thousand paddle pop sticks for like, what, $10?? How hard is it to shove it in the sav before battering it? It takes less than 10 seconds. Also, how the hell are you supposed to batter the savs without getting your hands all over the sav and covered in batter? Eww much?

Sigh... best stop ranting and raving already, im making myself hungry.

Long live the sav on a stick, and say NO to the dog!!
Peace, love and gravy, Nicki.

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