What a weird ass morning....

Its been one of those days that are bound to only get worse. Ya know the ones, they start off bad, then something goes good, then it gets bad again, then good... and at the end of it you are so exhausted by the rollercoaster ride....? So im going to update this post today using plusses and minuses for all the yay or nay things happening... starting at 5/10 (coz in the middle is always a good place to start!)

So I woke up at 4am because it had been raining all night and i was concerned my flat would flood (as it does whenever theres an inch of rain or more) .... not too good when ive been sick and only had 5hrs sleep. 5-1=4/10

Realising my flat had indeed flooded slightly, and that its going to be raining all week so unlikely to be able to get blankets and towels id been using to soak up water dry. 4-1=3/10

Reading on the Rolling Stone Facebook page that Davy Jones from the Monkees had passed away. Uber sadness, he was my favorite :( 3-1=2/10

Getting a phone call about another more permenant job. 2+1=3/10

Gee and its only half past 10 in the morning! What more could the day possibly bring?
Oh yeah, pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. Apparantly summer is now over, i was still waiting for it to begin! Shame that, i only just last week brought these awesome little denim shorts...and ive already contemplated how they would look with ugg boots and a hoodie!

Peace, love and soggy towels,
Nicki ♥

~as the day progresses....~
Went shopping, found some grand bargains, spent money. 3+1=4/10

Ran out of money to spend. 4-1=3/10

Cuppa and convo and positive social interaction with another human being. 3+1=4/10

Remembering two shows I used to love are on tv tonight and i was going to watch them. 4+1=5/10

so technically and mathematically it turned out to be a pretty average day!!

Until later that evening, when:

Zapped my hand on the rabbit ears tuning in the tv. 5-1=4/10

Running out of milk while making tomato soup and having to have it extra strong. 4-1=3/10

Discovering a chirpy noisy high pitched squealy ass of a cricket insect thing somewhere in my flat as im trying to sleep. 3-1=2/10
So clearly ended the night not very happy at all! I think the last thoughts i had as i fell asleep were 'AAAARRRRGGGHHHH shuuuut the fuuuuck uuuuuupppp!!!'

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