Hello, Welcome, Etc...

Hi there good peoples, welcome to my blog. Here I will be sharing my thoughts on any number of topics and I hope you enjoy your visit here.

Oh what the fuck ever! I’m going to use this space to get shit out of my head which I think some people may find amusing, funny, insulting or just plain stupid. I may even share some funny photos I find on the internet and maybe some of my own. Maybe not.

A bit about me (coz it’s all about me, right?). I'm in my late 20’s; I live in a small city/large town by myself with my pet yabbie (named Kismet); I love music, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, driving my 30 odd year old car down the highway, sunsets on the beach, taking photos of beautiful things; blah blah blah etcetera. I also swear a lot, have a sick and twisted sense of humor, am quite open minded, can be sarcastic on occasion, am an atheist, have a general dislike for most humans (and animals) and I have this insane thing where I get passionate about the most ridiculous things. So I guess that serves as a warning… if you don’t like it, the back button is generally located in the top left hand corner of most browsers.

So in short, hopefully this old-feeling , unemployed, weird minded, creative beach bum can give you a giggle or two, or give you food for thought, or something to get shitty about - I don’t care either way because this is helping me sleep at night by getting shit out of my head! HAHAHA!!
Peace, love and mungbeans


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